Release Tuesdays

Posted in Music, Uncategorized with tags on August 26, 2008 by Mr S

Ahhh! Realese Tuesdays. Today I was out to buy (support the artists) my 2 most anticipated albums of the year. My most liked rapper lately, The Game, and my second all time favorite band, Slipknot. I have to say, waiting for the albums was well worth the wait. Both albums will be on my playlist for quite sometime.


The journey to buying (support the artists) these albums is really the reason for this blog.  I wouldn’t usually post about the music I like because the debates would be endless.  So I usually keep my taste to myself.  It was the adventure was, memorable to say the least.


Upon approaching the doors to my local record shop, I noticed some kids huddled around a display.  I’m thinking they are checking out the new releases, trying to figure out which album to buy (support the artists), and I was right.  Who wouldn’t be concerned with what new music is out, it’s only the best release media ever invented.  How else would people express their feelings towards life?  It’s not like anyone can sit at a desk and type some random feelings and post it on something, for everyone to read…. wait….


I dig in my pocket to see how much cash I have.  I didn’t want to use the check card today, I haven’t balanced my money yet, so I’m not sure how broke I am, I just know I’m broke.  I remember when I was calling my job to let them know I would be late, because, uh, I was running late or stopping to buy new albums (support the artists), that I grabbed some money from the table.  


Both albums were on sale, I love sales (support the artists).  I saw the Slipknot album.  There were 2 versions.  There was the regular version for a good, under 20 bucks price and there was a special version for 20 bucks.  The special version had a book, a dvd, yeah, I need that one.  The other side had the game albums, there were also 2 versions.  The regular version for a cool 13 bucks, and a “Deluxe Edition” which only added 4 songs for a nice 15 bucks.  Four extra songs for two more dollars.  Luckily I had 2 twenties in my pocket.  I’m getting both special versions.


So as I’m picking up the albums, I noticed that the store has The Game album’s in what they call a cage.  It’s an anti-theft plastic cage surrounding the cd. We’ve all seen them, it’s supposed to scare away the people from stealing things.  The funny part was the Slipknot albums were not “caged”.  On my way to the cashier, getting ready to pay for my items (support the artists), I decided to ask why one was caged and the other was not.  The reply I got was… I’m not sure how I felt now that I think about it.


“We cage all of our rap music.”


Really!?  Only rap music?  Then she told me that all of the R&B was being uncaged at the moment.  I thought it was a little, I’m not sure what word to use here, but I thought it was funny that only the rap was caged and that she felt the need to tell me about the R&B.  She then told me that it goes by high theft, whichever is stolen most, was caged.  Ok, I can understand that.  Maybe it should have been her first answer.  Was she a little sided with her first comment?  I thought she was, only because when I brought the albums up, she read the titles to me, as if I couldn’t read or see pictures.  Almost as if she was making sure I knew what I was buying (support your artists).  Like she never experienced anyone buying 2 different genres at the same time.  Should I only be buying the rap music?  




All I know is, I was minutes away to playing some music I’ve been waiting to hear.  I waited on the Slipknot album for a good 4 years now.  It was long enough to memorize every single guitar note on their previous albums.  Long enough that I learned how to play most of their songs by ear.  I waited on The Game’s album for a while, couldn’t tell you how long exactly, but it wasn’t 4 years.  I just knew I wanted his album, I knew it was going to be good.  I was happy that I was supporting the artists (yeah).


So while I’m walking out, ripping the plastic off the albums.  I was wondering what those kids were going to buy.  I looked around and didn’t see them.  I guess I was too into what the lady was saying about rap, to notice that they already left.  Before I push the door open to leave, I hear a comment from one of the other employees.


“Kathy, those kids just stole some music, there are 4 Slipknot cd’s open here, call Mike…..”




(support the artists)